Reviews for outsourced IT management in Dallas and beyond

Reverend Mara Morhouse

Associate Pastor of Pastoral Care & Communications
Oak Lawn United Methodist Church

“Lumos is incredible. They are professional in their approach on so many levels! They are quick to respond to issues or questions and are creative in their problem solving. Additionally, they have treated our staff with the utmost respect and patience when it comes to helping us understand the problem and solution in tech-terms! Each solution they’ve provided has been just what we need and when we have had questions or different ideas, they were happy to brainstorm with us to provide us the right solution within a reasonable timeline and budget. Never once have we been uncomfortable with their service or recommendations. Additionally, we have never had to deal with an automated system when calling for help. Rather, Lumos has been available with immediate response (from a LIVE person) over email, text and phone call. They come to our aid when needed, no matter when that is! We could not be happier with their service and highly recommend them to anyone who wants a hands-on approach to managing their IT needs.”

Milt Calloway

Altitude Tax

“As a fully remote business, our support needs at Altitude Tax are simple – help triage our high volume of customer order emails and never allow more than a brief interruption to our software connectivity. If I have a problem, I need someone to help immediately. Knowing that Altitude can count on Lumos to be there when we need them makes all the difference. The Lumos team does a great job of keeping our systems connected and equipment healthy, so we can focus on supporting our customers. We love working with Lumos!”

Will Schoelkopf

Goodall Distributors

“Lumos took us from being dependent to our desktop computers to having our entire office staff able to access every aspect of our system remotely and securely. Lumos’ team took the time to work with each individual employee to ensure that everyone and their various devices could work remotely. We are so appreciative that we now have this capability!”

Bart Simmons

Tristar Producer Services

“Tristar Producer Services markets natural gas & liquids. We remit royalty payments and provide scheduling services for oil and gas companies. Without the expertise of Lumos, this would not be possible. Lumos keeps our complicated proprietary “in house” software up and running 24-7 and virus free. Lumos handles our data storage and maintains our hardware systems.”