Business Continuity During COVID-19

COVID-19 is having an impact on the way business is done around the globe. Lumos is providing imperative support for essential service businesses and are working with all of our clients to smoothly transition employees to robust work from home capabilities.

Lumos Technology Services

Your Trusted Partner for Empowered IT Solutions

Lumos Technology Services is a managed services and securities firm that provides IT solutions and management for the small to medium-sized business. We offer strategic service for everything from cybersecurity and Cloud storage to comprehensive IT platforms that address all of your business needs.

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High Return On Investment

Small to medium-sized businesses can spend a great deal of their IT budget on maintaining vulnerable and outdated systems. We will partner with you to ensure that your IT systems are working for you and your business goals. Outsourcing your IT management to Lumos will save you time and money so that you can focus on what you do best.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

The world of technology can be fast-paced and overwhelming. The goal of Lumos Technology Services is to provide an experience that is highly tailored to your needs. No matter the budget, you will receive professional customer service from a name you can trust. We guarantee your team will be satisfied with our work.

Ready to Get Started?

The experts at Lumos Technology Services are available to discuss the IT needs of your company. We’re ready to help small to medium-sized businesses harness the power of technology.

Managed IT Services

We are ready to serve as your dedicated IT Department so that you can focus on the needs of your business.

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Lumos Technology Services provides advanced network security setup and monitoring to exceed industry standards.

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IT Equipment Leasing

Product sales, leasing, and support for all of the equipment essential to your everyday business.

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Cloud Service

Our team delivers cutting-edge Cloud storage technology and application solutions for greater data accessibility.

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Data Backup

Our fully-managed backup solutions provide greater peace of mind knowing your data is safe with us.

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We can integrate processes to ensure your business can continue to function in the event of threat or disaster.

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IT Platforms

Our IT architects can develop and create a fully-functioning IT platform to perfectly compliment your business.

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Special Projects

Consultation and planning for small to large scale projects addressing a wide variety of your emerging IT needs.

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