our story

Lumos Technology Services began out of a desire to help people. Reliable and secure IT infrastructure is the foundation of a successful business. A disruption in operations is detrimental to core relationships with vendors, customers, and employees. Recognizing the value of expert IT support is an integral step for a business leader. Acquiring that support is where Lumos comes in.


Our founder, Moses Varghese, began his IT career over twenty years ago as a helpdesk technician. His vigilant work ethic and promotion in the field have given him an intricate understanding of the IT process in every aspect of support. Moses holds a Master of Science in Information Technology, with a focus in cybersecurity. Small to mid-market businesses account for over two thirds of all cyberattacks. Sixty percent of these businesses close within 6 months of an attack due to the crippling cost of restoring services and trust. Lumos is Moses’ solution to mitigate these vulnerabilities.

Lumos began at home, with Moses providing IT support to the small business of a friend and previous coworker in need of a full infrastructure rebuild with ongoing support of users, and implementation of security protocols and processes. As referrals poured in due to Moses’ expert service and customer support, a full-time operation ensued. Lumos now boasts a five-star helpdesk, 24/7 cybersecurity monitoring team, and a top tier datacenter. Our incredibly knowledgeable team of experts are dedicated to the success and security of our clients.

Lumos has a passion for the success of every partner, and a desire to see them protected and outfitted to face the IT challenges of the 21st century. With a strong commitment to its core values of integrity, value, humility, persistence, and excellence, Lumos provides values-driven IT services that promote security and privacy throughout all facets of the IT process.

You’ll be in good company