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Lumos has been serving businesses in the healthcare industry for over 16 years. Technology has made huge advancements, completely transforming the healthcare arena in these years. It is a highly sensitive market with strict regulations regarding security and compliance measures. At Lumos, we have expert knowledge regarding these regulations. We support our healthcare clients with managed services, network performance and monitoring, data center hosting, equipment and user support, data security and HIPPA compliance, and reliable data transmission. We work diligently to ensure that our healthcare clients can focus solely on the clients they serve.

Nonprofit Organizations

Lumos Technology Services provides managed services to nonprofit organizations in a scope of arenas ranging from churches to nonprofit healthcare organizations. Nonprofits are held to a higher degree of accountability for the ways in which their dollars are spent. Lumos prides itself in core principles that include value as a cornerstone. We ensure that our nonprofit clients are receiving the best value for money spent and help to find ways to cut costs so that the organization’s dollars can be spent to maximize its goals.

Oil & Gas

As a local Texas-based company, many enterprises in the oil and gas industry throughout the state rely on Lumos Technology Services for swift technical solutions that streamline and simplify their complex engineering and industrial systems. From drilling applications and logistics tracking technologies to energy monitoring systems and critical alarm systems, Lumos is here to support the IT efforts of oil and gas enterprises.

Legal Firms

Legal firms are a special target for cybercriminals. Cybersecurity to safeguard sensitive data, reliable remote access and file sharing capabilities, and solid communication options are imperative for our legal clients, large and small. In addition, hefty data storage and backup capabilities are required. Lumos Technology Services has created expert systems designed around core cybersecurity fundamentals that can be readily accessed in a variety of locations to fit the needs of our legal clients.

Family Offices & Private Equity Firms

Family offices and privately-owned wealth management advisory firms often rely on a wide range of investment technologies, stock trading tools, and financial management software systems to conduct everyday business. At Lumos, we ensure smooth and efficient data transmission and strategic integration for disparate systems and resources for our clients. We also enable these businesses to operate in a highly secure environment featuring the latest anti-virus and anti-malware solutions, disk encryption capability, and intrusion detection systems.

Software Firms

Today’s software firms and developers are often expected to produce more with fewer resources and in less time. This can seem like a daunting task, but with the right managed IT services and support, a software firm can thrive. Lumos provides solid and reliable IT infrastructure, making it easier for software engineers and system architects to deliver results to their own clients. In addition, today’s technical workforce is increasingly moving to a remote model of work. Lumos is able to design a robust platform to ensure complete business continuity, great network security, with all of the hardware necessary to transition a team to a remote work environment.

Accounting Firms

Complete data accuracy and enhanced storage capability are common needs for our modern accounting firm clients. At Lumos Technology Services, we understand the essential needs of financial enterprises and offer comprehensive IT services to make everyday operations easier while providing greater storage, security, and data accessibility. We help these clients to stay ahead of ever-changing industry regulations and technical requirements with our strategic IT services.



Distribution centers and manufacturers of the 21st century increasingly rely on technology for automation of workflow that takes them from the ordering process, design and customization, all the way to production and delivery. Lumos has designed systems to fit the needs of our manufacturing clients including hardware, software, and security. We understand the need for accuracy and efficiency, and work to ensure that the technologies we design are functional in a non-office environment.

Providing values-driven IT services to small businesses and individuals that promotes the security and privacy of data throughout all facets of the IT process.

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