our story

Lumos Technology Services began out of a desire to help people. Our founder, Moses Varghese, saw that so many companies were underserved when it came to cybersecurity, and were therefore, extremely vulnerable to threats to the growth and operations of their businesses. Moses had owned his own small business before and knew the pressures which that entailed and how tough a disruption in business could be to core relationships with vendors, customers, and employees. This created a desire in him to build a new IT company, which eventually led him to Hardeman Company.


Hardeman Company is a family office with the mission of acquiring and managing small businesses. Hardeman has a long-term investment horizon, a concern for their companies’ legacies and the wellbeing of all stakeholders, and a commitment to always doing the right thing.

Hardeman’s DNA and vision were a perfect fit for Moses. Together, Moses and Hardeman founded Lumos Technology Services, which began servicing all the companies in the Hardeman portfolio. Lumos onboards all new acquisitions to the Hardeman family of companies leading to immediate technology upgrades, and best-in-class service.

The same expertise and service that Lumos provides to Hardeman, they provide to external companies as well. Hardeman and Lumos share a passion for small and medium sized businesses, and desire to see them protected and outfitted to face the IT challenges of the 21st century. With a strong commitment to its core values of integrity, humility, passion, persistence, and excellence, Lumos provides values-driven IT services to small businesses and individuals that promote security and privacy throughout all facets of the IT process.

You’ll be in good company